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Favorite Beer Styles Poll: The Results!

So one of my absolute biggest pet peeves is when people ask me what my favorite beer style is. For me, this decision relies on a lot of factors, the biggest being the time of year. So my ever curious mind decided to poll the people on their favorite beer styles of each season and some other random beer questions! Thank you all for participating, we had an awesome n value of over 1,000 people! :D

First season up is spring! I always relate spring to fruit and gardening so I thought that fruited ales would win this one. But I was wrong! Sours barely beat out Session IPAs with 35% and 32% of the vote, respectively.

Next up we have summer! Personally, I love crisp and clean beers in the summer. Something that isn’t too heavy and I could take it to the beach or out on a boat. The poll showed that the favorite was…….IPAs with a whopping 45% of the vote! No surprise here, I was broad on that category as the different styles of IPA could be a poll in itself. Following semi far behind was lagers at 25% (for those of you who do not understand…this refers to the style, not the brewing process.) I will say, I’m sad that I forgot to include sours in this category as they received a lot of write-in votes and would have done well.

When I think of fall beers, I immediately think of something I would want to drink beside a bonfire. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to include the variety of German beer styles that are popular in the fall (Oktoberfest, duh!) So I am a bit ashamed and I’m sorry for my lack of insight. Anyways, Stout ran away with it, like they tend to do coming in with 36% of the vote…with brown ales following behind with 26%.

Last but not least we have winter! I was a bit surprised as milk stouts took the win here! Coming in with 32% of the vote, my personal favorite beat out the pastry stout.

I also did a couple other random questions that I thought were fairly interesting! I just want to point out that for the macro beer question, only 10 of you snobs decided you couldn't pick one.....come on guys! Haha!

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