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Brewery Tour- Temperance Brewing

Last weekend, I ventured up the red and purple lines to visit Temperance Brewing in Evanston. If you live in Chicago and haven't been to Evanston yet, its worth the trip! It is a gorgeous blend of city and suburb. The brewery is located about a mile off of the Purple line Dempster stop and behind the Goldfish swim school. Honestly, if you're Ubering, its probably safer to say you're going to the swim school....

I absolutely love the vibe of the taproom, the space has an old warehouse feel with exposed painted brick, wood accents around the bar and a large window giving visitors a glimpse into the brew house. If a large window inst enough for you, take their Saturday tour! Brian is an awesome tour guide, cracking jokes along the way and ending the tour with mind blowing magic. (Seriously, its awesome!) You get 3 big beer samples and a kick-ass Temperance glass. If you're a lightweight, I wouldn't recommend getting a drink before the tour...maybe wait til the end and see how you're feeling! I won't spoil any more of the tour, but rest assured, its a great time!

Lets get into the different beers that I tried while I was there!

Disco Nap- Session IPA 4.8% ABV

I really enjoy how popular session IPAs are becoming. Pretty much every brewery has this style as an option these days. It's really refreshing for someone like me who likes to visit breweries but doesn't really get drunk. Besides having a fabulous name, Disco Nap has flavor that can stand up to its IPA siblings while allowing you to coast at a lower ABV. It's juicy and tropical with a nice bitter finish.

Smittytown- English Style Amber 5.5% ABV

I'm not usually a big fan of the amber style, but this beer was pretty damn good! It had a great English malt backbone that gave it a slightly dry finish but somehow was smooth throughout. The American hops added a nice bitter component so that it was not overly malty.

Escapist- IPA 6.7% ABV

This one is your classic IPA. Its got hop character in the flavor and aromatics. When you're not in the mood for the ever popular East or West coast IPAs, reach for an Escapist.

Greenwood Beach- Blonde Ale with Pineapple 4.0% ABV

What I really love about this beer is that it is refreshing and light but not lacking in flavor whatsoever. The addition of pineapple really makes this beer stand out from other blonde ales. I would really love to enjoy this one on a beach! (The name is quite fitting!)

Restless Years- Pale Ale with Rye 5.8% ABV

On the first sip, Restless years is your typical hoppy pale ale. But the rye comes out on the back end and really smooths out the finish. I've also had the pineapple variant of this beer and I think I like the pineapple better, but I just really love pineapple :) Even without the actual fruit, the beer has nice tropical undertones that complement the rye very well. I was happy I finally got a chance to try the original version!

Coffee Might Meets Right- Imperial Stout with Coffee 13% ABV

I've been a big fan of coffee beers for awhile now, but after having some that tasted metallic I was off them for a bit. This one has changed that! The coffee flavor was so well done, almost more of a cold brew taste. It had a touch of sweet maple goodness that rounded out the slightly bitter coffee.

Vanilla Might Meets Right- Imperial Stout with Vanilla 13% ABV

So I had tried the coffee might meets right first and I fell in love. Then I tried the vanilla variant...somehow I liked it even more than the coffee. The vanilla was strong and sweet but not overpowering. I've had some vanilla stouts where you can barely taste the vanilla, that was not the case with this beer!

Gatecrasher- IPA 6.7% ABV

This one was a bit different in a fantastic way! I got some floral notes with a solid hoppy backbone. I wouldn't classify it as an east or west coast IPA but its a nice twist on the traditional IPA. I almost was getting some rye that made it super smooth. I was a big fan of this beer!

The bottom line is that Temperance is an awesome place to hang out. From the bartenders to the other customers, everyone is friendly and welcoming. The bartenders are very knowledgeable about what they are pouring and are more than happy to guide you to a beer that you will enjoy. I really wish they had Birdsong on tap while I was there. I would have loved to see what they could do with a Farmhouse Ale! I will definitely be back!

If you live in the area, they are celebrating their 5th anniversary on Friday Sept. 14th....I hear its going to be pretty fabulous!

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