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Good City Brewing- Milwaukee, WI

A couple of weeks ago, I made the trek up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A long drive like that needs to be broken up by something good....maybe Good City Brewing?!

Good City is located on the east side of Milwaukee among ample street parking (which is gold for us Chicago folk.) I really loved the feeling of their taproom. Its modern yet keeps the feeling of the buildings past (bike shop, carwash, Schlitz warehouse.....this building has been around!) Its even complete with a rooftop patio. This patio is gorgeous, complete with those string lights everyone loves.

At the helm of Good City brewing is Andy Jones, former director of operations at nearby Lakefront Brewing and graduate of UC Davis's Masterbrewer program. In addition, like many of the great brewers, he spent some time at Goose Island. Andy's experience and innovation really shows in the quality of the beers at Good City, lets get into some of my favorites!

Varietal #9 - Blanc Belgian Pale Ale

Good City's varietal series features different experimental hops in each varietal. This one used Hallertau Blanc. While I had never had this hop before, it really gave the beer a nice floral flavor. Overall the beer was very crisp and clean, a great choice for elevating your typical thirst quenching summer beer.

Dr. J - NE Style IPA

In a beer world flooded with NE IPAs, it becomes difficult to stand out. Dr. J does not have this problem. Without adding any crazy fruits or lactose they really hit a nice juicy orange flavor while retaining the hoppy backbone that gives the IPA its signature kick. Still approachable for IPA newbies but has those hops that will satisfy more old school IPA drinkers.

Stadt- Smoked Lager

Smoked lagers are definitely something you love or you don't...I love them. Stadt has a nice light smoke flavor without the ashy undertones that can be present in smoked beers. They really captured those awesome fall nights sitting around a campfire. Now I just wish I had a campfire and more Stadt.

Leo- Belgian White

I've always been a big fan of Belgian beers, so I make it a mission of mine to always try one when a brewery has one on tap. Lots of the classic coriander and orange flavor, super refreshing to drink on their rooftop!

Salud- BA Imperial Pilsner

I saved my favorite one for last! This beer was so inventive, something I hadn't really seen before. It's aged in tequila barrels, done in collaboration with BelAir Cantina, a local Mexican restaurant. At 8.8% ABV, its not overly boozy but on the initial smell you really get a nose full of tequila. On the flavor, its citrus packed (main flavor being lime) and a little bit thicker than your average beer consistency. Such a fun summery twist on BA beers.

In even better Good City news, they are in the works of opening a new location right near the new Bucks arena. The plans look absolutely stunning and bring along a larger event space, experimental beers and a sour program. I will definitely be back to check out the new location!

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