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Oogie's Popcorn and Beer Pairing!

So you obviously love beer, that's why you're here! But do you also love popcorn? If you're like most people thats probably a yes! Oogie's has basically taken brewery/bar popcorn and elevated it with a ton of unique flavors. Lucky enough for me, they asked me create pairings for their 6 flavors of popcorn. I had a really great time putting these pairings together! I hope you like them, let me know what you think of my pairings! :)

*Disclaimer- all opinions presented in this article are entirely my own*

Smoked Gouda and Odell Settle Down Brown

First of all, the popcorn itself was fab. Smokey, almost baconesque with a powerful cheese punch! I wanted to pair it with a beer that would complement that smoke with something malty and toasty. A brown ale would fit that bill nicely! I paired my popcorn with Odell Brewing's Settle Down Brown. It's malty and caramelly (is that a word?) and it really goes nicely with the smoked gouda!

Movie Theater Butter and Rochester Mills Ninja Turtle

Right when I opened the bag, it smelled like the movies. I was a little worried that the almost wet, greasy butter would follow..instead the popcorn wasn't greasy to the touch at all but it still carried the same exact flavor as you'd get at the movies. It was incredible! I decided to pair it with a Michigan favorite of mine...Rochester Mills's Ninja Turtle Milkshake Stout. This beer tastes exactly like a turtle candy. The sweetness of the beer and the saltiness of the popcorn comes together in a smooth marriage of opposites. It was delicious!

Caramel Chipotle and Great Central Brewing Wiezenbock

First of all, its not drenched in caramel like you might think it would be, but it still tastes just like caramel! At the very end it transitions to the chipotle and just leaves you wanting more. Sometimes when I eat sweet popcorn, I cant eat much of it because it's just too sweet....the spicy finish solved that problem! I decided to pair this popcorn with Great Central Brewing Company's Wiezenbock. The Weizenbock is basically the winter cousin of the Hefeweizen. It is chock full of caramelized banana flavor which I thought went very well with the caramel on the front end.

Wisconsin Cheddar and North Pier Happy Guy Pilsner

Wisconsin cheddar is your classic cheddar popcorn. White cheese and slight tang, I felt that a delicate cheddar flavor needed a clean, crisp beer to complement and not cover it up. I paired it with North Pier's Happy Guy Pilsner. Happy guy is a very well done, clean pilsner with a nice citrus touch. It's low in IBUs so it's very approachable even to the newer beer drinker.

Nacho Cheddar and Zion Brewing Pale Ale

This nacho cheddar really packs a nice spicy punch! Since it is so complex and spicy, I wanted to pair it with something hoppy and malty to calm the taste buds after the spice. Zion Brewing's pale ale fits that bill well. Its a classic west coast pale ale with strong citrus flavor and a nice malt backbone. These two together make a great combo!

Kettlecorn and Collective Arts Stranger Than Fiction

Kettlecorn is such a traditional favorite, with its semi sweet flavor that really isn't too overpowering. It just gives it that little flair. I paired it with Stranger than Fiction, a dark and roasty porter from Collective Arts. The roast really pairs well with the semi sweet kettlecorn. A very traditional combo!

This post was sponsored by Oogie's Popcorn :)


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