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Brewery Feature: Aleman Brewing Company

Aleman Brewing is a smaller brewery that I am really excited about. I first learned of them when I noticed their taphandle at a bar. It was so different and intricate that it really stood out from the pack. I was so happy to get the opportunity to tell you guys about their beer and their vision for Aleman. I think they're insanely underrated. This down-to-earth brewery is making fantastic beers and pouring their soul into the process.

The name Aleman comes from the older terminology for workers (ie. swordsman, countryman, you get the point). Their can reads "Man. Woman. Human. Aleman." Being a girl in craft beer, I really appreciate the inclusivity. A lot of times girls are overlooked in craft beer, something I have experienced first hand. Its refreshing to see a brewery give so much thought to explain a name that might be taken in a masculine context.

Photo Cred: Aleman Brewing Company

Along those same lines, Aleman is a family brewery. They're not just in it for "beer fame" instead its something for their kids and families to take part in and be proud of. An example of that pride in their product is the taphandles that I mentioned earlier. I was so excited to learn that each and every one of them are made by hand. I don't know if there are any other breweries that do this, but I think that it shows a true care and attention to detail. Not to mention it makes me want to buy their beer even more!

Speaking of beer, let's get into the details! Their beer is absolutely fantastic. Its my go-to when I just want a solid beer to hang out in the fridge for those "beer emergencies." In recent news, they've started canning some of their staples including: The Man, an IPA and LadiesMan, a wheat beer with lemonthyme. In addition to these they will be adding SoulMan (brown ale) in the spring and Strong Man (American strong ale) in the fall. I was lucky enough to see their canning line in action while I was there as well as taste the freshly canned LadiesMan and The Man.

The Man- easy drinking IPA with a solid malt character and fantastic hop flavor. What's really cool about this beer is that they change the hops based on the best hop that's fresh and available that time of year.

LadiesMan- A wheat beer with lemonthyme. The lemonthyme really sets it apart from a semi wide spread of wheat beers with just lemon. This one is great for that friend of yours that just got into craft beer and doesn't have a huge pallet yet.

I also want to add that the quality of these beers speak for themselves. When I had a Superbowl party, my friends chose the Aleman beers over the many other beers in my fridge (made me a little sad I put them on the "friends shelf") haha!

All of these opinions are solely mine, I'm sorry for fangirling. I was just so excited to tell you guys about them!

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