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Brewery Day Trips From Chicago

I-90/94 S to I-55 Loop

Brewery Travel Time Cost Opening Time Food?

18th Street 36 mins from downtown $5 11:00 AM Yes

3 Floyds 16 mins $5 12:00 PM Yes

Imperial Oak 41 mins $5 12:00 PM Food Trucks

Blue Nose 11 mins $5-7 12:00 PM No

BuckleDown 8 mins $5-6 12:00 PM No

Whiner Beer 8 mins $6-8 11:00 AM Pot Pies

**Notes: The only brewery I've been to on this list is Imperial Oak, but they have a really large selection of beers that changes often. I wasn't a huge fan of the atmosphere, but that's just me being picky. I have had 18th Streets beers and theyre fantastic! I cant wait to make it to the brewery someday!


Brewery Travel Time Cost Opening Time Food?

More Brewing 31 mins $6-7 11:00 AM Yes

Noon Whistle 10 mins $5-7 12:00 PM No

Alter Brewing 14 mins $6 12:00 PM No

Solemn Oath 19 mins ~$6.50 11:00 AM No

Two Brothers 12 mins $5 12:00 PM Yes

**Notes: I really really love all the breweries on this list. I have been to all besides two brothers, but they are all super solid. Noon Whistle is known for their "Gummy" series of NE IPAs and More also has a fantastic juicy pale ale line. Alter is an absolutely fantastic space, with beautiful wood accents and a clear view of the brewing equipment. Alter as well as Solemn Oath are a bit tough to find, as they are off in warehouse districts, but they're well worth the search. Solemn Oath is a small space, so while you can bring in food, it'll be kind of tough to eat it.

I-90/290 Loop

Brewery Travel Time Pint Cost Opening Time (Sat) Food?

Metropolitan 15 mins ? 12:00 PM BYOF

Short Fuse 31 mins $7 11:00 AM Pizza

Mikerphone 17 mins $7 for 12oz 11:00 AM BYOF

Itasca Brewing 16 mins ? 12:00 PM No

Church Street 6 mins $6 12:00 PM No

Kinslagher 20 mins ~$7.50 11:00 AM BYOF

*Notes: I finally went to Mikerphone!! I can attest that it lives up to the hype! I wish I had been able to try Smells like Bean Spirit but it wasn't on tap when I went. Instead I had the Super Special Sauce and it was fantastic! Metropolitan has a gorgeous new taproom along the river, I've heard great things!

Let me know if you liked this post! I would love to do more like this, maybe weekend trips from Chicago or other cities. Also let me know if you think I should include more information about breweries! My ears are always open! I hope this is useful to someone, because it took me way too long to put this together! Haha!

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