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Chicago Suburbs

Welp, I finally made it out to the suburbs!! It had been absolutely killing me that I hadnt been able to try all the great beers they have to offer out west! Here's a semi-brief wrap up of my adventures!

The weekend started with a quick jaunt on the BNSF (thank goodness for express trains!) And a half mile walk to Alter Brewing. Im always surprised how many breweries are in businessy-warehouse districts, but they always make the taproom look so great! Alter was no exception to that rule, I loved the modern, clean feeling of it. It was super open and you could clearly see all the brewing equipment. My first beer was Hopular Kid, a pale ale. First, I loved the tie-dye art work on the can, it really suits the name of the beer. The flavors were great, a tropical/citrus start and a semi dry finish. I was also very happy that this beer was not at all watery, sometime the lighter bodied beers can come off watery but this one was perfect! Nice and refreshing yet flavorful! I also had their Lyman Woods Honey Wheat Ale. This one was just okay, I was really hoping for more honey flavor. BUT I love that this beer was made with local honey from bees housed in Lyman Woods. What was especially cool was that the brewers got to dress up in the bee keeper suits to go and collect the honey! Awesome! I hope they continue this partnership with Lyman and put together something with a bit more honey flavor.

Next up was More Brewing for dinner. I just want to start with how impressed I was with the food! I've had a lot of brewery food and its either really good or really weird, this was fantastic! The meat they use for their cheeseburger is melt in your mouth good, and the seasonings they use...to die for!! Even the fries are fantastic! So if you're going to come here, come hungry! I was a little disappointed with the beer selection, do they normally only have 4 beers on tap!? I ended up getting Dusty, their new england-ish pale ale. This beer made up for the small tap list! It looks absolutely beautiful in the glass, so orange with a nice head of foam. Flavors were great with tropical fruits, pineapple and orange being the strongest that I noticed. It paired really nicely with my burger, surprisingly!

I had such a great time visiting the great breweries in the suburbs! There's still so many more I would like to visit, but that will have to wait until I have a rental car. If any suburban breweries want to send me samples, so Im less sad here in the city, I would be eternally grateful! Haha! Thanks for reading this super long post!

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