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Pumpkin Ale for the win!

Hey guys! First official beer review coming at ya! I want to start off by thanking Rogue Ales for sending me their Pumpkin Patch Ale to try! Historically, I'm not a big fan of pumpkin...I've never really gotten into the whole PSL craze or anything. That being said, this beer changed that for me. I've sampled other pumpkin beers, but never found one that I liked. They're always either too sugary or they just end up not tasting like a beer at all. This one definitely tastes like a beer, not some candied desert drink! Actually, super funny because as I write this, I'm looking at the Rogue page for the Pumpkin Patch Ale and it says "Real Rogue Farms pumpkins complemented by spices provide a genuine pumpkin flavor without too much sweetness." Haha! Always nice to know that my taste buds are actually working! I don't consider myself to be one of those people that have an amazing palate and can pick out really distinct flavors so I get really excited when I actually get a flavor right!

Alright so back to the flavor! The beer was darker in color than I thought it would be, but looked great in the mug that they sent me! (I forgot to take a picture, oops!) The carbonation level was great, one of my biggest complaints about beer is them being under-carbonated. That wasn't the case for this beer! The cinnamon and spices flavor really come through under the pumpkin and round out this beer.

So besides the flavor, there's a couple things I really like about this beer and Rogue in general. First, it's made with pumpkins that they grow and harvest themselves..pretty awesome right!?!? I'm all about buying local and making sure things are sustainable and that is something that Rogue cares about as well. Another thing thats awesome is that there's no preservatives or chemicals or anything unnatural added. All there is a delicious pumpkin beer.

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