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First Brew Day!

Today was an exciting day in my house, we did our first brew day! I have been wanting to get a home brew kit for the last 3 years, but it was always a little bit too expensive and then I would get scared that I would totally mess it up. But after getting overly involved with learning about the brewing process and a fantastic sale on northernbrewer.com, I couldn't resist anymore! And so I became a proud owner of a 5 gallon home brew kit!

So originally this was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my fiance, but when the giant box arrived, I realized I couldn't get it up to the apartment without some help. I couldn't really hide it from him anymore! After a literal perfect storm (rainy day) we decided to not wait till the holidays and brew today. We also wanted to get a test run in and get some critiques before attempting to brew beer as a favor for our wedding (eek!) Overall, it was a really fun morning! A little bit of a struggle in a tiny studio apartment, but hey thats part of the fun of it right!?! Actually, the biggest struggle was being unprepared in the ice department....make sure your ice machine is on the day before! haha!

I am so excited to start my little home brewing journey and eventually be able to get away from the kits and start making my own recipes! Being a scientist by trade, I think this is the most exciting part (besides drinking the beer!) I love the idea of experimenting with different flavors, fermenting times and temperatures. But I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself! Also I wanted to give a little shoutout to everyone that answered my many questions this morning! You guys are the best and I probably would have ruined everything without you!

Here's some dorky videos I took during the process!

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